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Graz (Austria)

Graz was the first major European city to adopt a general 30 km/h limit, without exception, way back in 1992. Nowadays, in this city covering some 127.58 km², 80% of roads are limited to 30 km/h. One of the aims of this measure was to improve air quality (the city sits in a basin surrounded by mountains, which hold in clouds of pollution). To reduce reliance on cars, they had to simultaneously encourage cycling.

The main benefits

• Currently, more than 16% of journeys are done by bike.
• The number of accidents that lead to serious injuries has dropped by 24%.
• Nobody even dreams of questioning the 30 km/h limit: a July 1992 survey showed that only 30% of residents were in favour of the 30 Zones before they were introduced, yet only 8 months later the satisfaction rate already stood at 52%, reaching 81% in 2002.