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The benefits

The benefits of the 30 City scheme

For safer roads and fewer serious accidents, better quality of life for everyone, and a calmer city.

As a 30 City, Brussels should have fewer traffic accidents with fewer serious consequences. Each year, 50 people are killed or seriously injured on the capital’s roads as a result of speed-related incidents. The 30 City scheme is also about improving health and reducing noise pollution. At 30 km/h, different road users can co-exist more peacefully as the roads are safer for pedestrians, people with reduced mobility, cyclists and motorists.

Safer roads - Shorter braking distance
The higher the speed, the longer the stopping distance. Even if a collision occurs, the consequences are less serious at a slower speed.

Illustration showing that the reaction time at 30 km/h is 8 meters and the stopping distance is 5 meters. At 30 km/h you need a total of 13 meters to stop.
Illustration showing that the reaction time at 50 km/h is 14 meters and the stopping distance is 13 meters. At 50 km/h you need a total of 27 meters to stop.

Safer roads - Better field of view
At 30 km/h, drivers have a wider field of view. It’s easier for them to see any pedestrians crossing the road, as well as cyclists and other vehicles.

Safer roads - Accidents are less serious for everyone involved!

Slower speeds lead to fewer road traffic incidents. The consequences of collisions are also less severe when we drive more slowly. Drivers have more time to respond to unexpected situations.

The risk of a pedestrian dying is 5 times higher at 50 km/h than it is at 30 km/h. In a car, the risk of being killed or seriously injured (driver and passengers) is 15% at 30 km/h compared with 45% at 50 km/h.

Illustration showing that the risk of dying at a collision at 70 km/h is as similar as falling from the sixth floor of a building. At 50 km/h it is similar as falling from the thirth floor and at 30 km/h it’s as similar as falling from the first floor.

Healthier and more eco-friendly - Less noise
Switching from 50 to 30 km/h reduces road traffic noise by between 2.5 and 3.9 dB(A) depending on the road surface.

Illustration showing that at 30 km/h road traffic noise reduces up to 3 dB(A).